Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg

The Engelmannsberg in Hattenheim owes its name to the nobleman Englimann and his wife Elisabeth von Hattenheim, who donated all their goods to the Eberbach monastery in 1321.

The Engelmannsberg vineyard begins on the western side of the road from Hattenheim to Kloster Eberbach and borders on the railway line in the south. Its south-southwest facing slope stretches towards the sun with an incline of up to 14 degrees. The deep loess and loess-loam soils are known for their high water storage capacity, from which our vines benefit even in hot periods thanks to their solid root system and enjoy an optimal supply of nutrients. If you take a walk in the Engelmannsberg yourself, you will see the little geckos that cavort between the scattered natural stone walls on warm days. The stone walls, built to enclose the mountain, store the heat of the sun during the day and release it to the vines at night. The special microclimate in the Engelmannsberg gives our Rieslings a particularly spicy impression and a concise acidity, which ensures that the wines can be stored for a long time.

Ice wine

But that is not all that the Engelmannsberg has to offer. A depression in the slope, where the cold air collects in winter, creates optimal conditions for the production of ice wine in selected years - provided it is cold enough. In meticulous manual work, the grapes are carefully selected and harvested. Then the frozen grapes are pressed as quickly as possible and further processed in the cellar.

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