Gaining practical experience

Working for Balthasar Ress can mean many things. As one of the largest employers in the region's wine industry, Balthasar Ress offers a variety of job opportunities around wine. Whether you are more interested in viticulture or marketing, an internship at Balthasar Ress is a good opportunity to learn more about possible professions first-hand.

For school students

Pupils of all types of school have the opportunity to gain an insight into various professions during a one-week internship at Balthasar Ress and, for example, to learn more about the winemaker profession.

On the "Girl's Day" programm we are very happy to welcome a large number of female participants.

For students

We offer students or future students of viticulture, oenology, wine management, etc. positions for compulsory or voluntary internships. Applications are very welcome. If successful, these internships often result in long-term student jobs.

For working students

In order to earn some money alongside your studies, there are numerous attractive jobs as a working student at Balthasar Ress. It is easy to gain initial professional experience as a moderator of wine tastings, a guide on wine hikes, a salesman in the Tasting Room, a waiter in the wine bars, or as a temporary assistant in the Sales or Events Department. The theoretical and practical knowledge is consolidated and expanded.

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