Your visit at Balthasar Ress

Balthasar Ress, the founder of the wine estate, was a host by nature. Following this tradition, the Balthasar Ress wine estate still welcomes you today - with style, class and the right atmosphere. Whether it's for a wine purchase, a special evening in town, a trip to the Rheingau, or even an overnight stay - Balthasar Ress will make sure you feel welcome.

Wine Shop

The Wine Shop in the Rheingarten in Hattenheim at the production site is open daily. Almost all wines, sparkling wines and spirits can be tasted here without obligation.

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Estate Tavern

Indulge in the fine dishes of the Kochwerkstatt Wiesbaden in our Gutsausschank and discover how the fine wines of Balthasar Ress harmonize with the food.


Wine Bar Wiesbaden

Located in the heart of the state capital Wiesbaden, the Wine Bar has been a popular venue for wine lovers for years and is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

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Wine Bar Frankfurt

It is an architectural highlight. Located directly at the Stoltze Fountain on the market square of Frankfurt's New Old Town between the Römer and the cathedral, it is open daily.

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Wine Tastings

A moderated wine tasting is the best way to get to know the Balthasar Ress wines, the people behind them, the philosophy, the working methods and much more.

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Wine Tours

The best way to experience viticulture is in the vineyards themselves. Balthasar Ress accompanies you on wine hikes through the district of Hattenheim.

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BR Suite

The Suite, the small but fine apartment in the heart of the Rheingau, offers peace and relaxation in the former residence of the bishop Heimes in Hattenheim.

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BR Guesthouse

The Guesthouse, picturesquely situated in the Rebhang settlement in Hallgarten, surrounded by meadows, fields and vineyards, offers peace and relaxation.

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Events Calendar

The events calendar tells you on which occasions you can experience Balthasar Ress wines, wine tours, special events and meet our wonderful team.

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