The magazine Spiegel about our Söl'ring Solaris Extra Brut

In the article "Wine from northern Germany - does it taste good?" of August 29, 2021, Der Spiegel reported on the successful cultivation of vines in northern Germany. The reason for this is climate change. Among others, Christian Ress is mentioned as one of the first successful pioneers in viticulture in northern Germany as follows:

"Behind the northernmost German place with vineyards on Sylt is the Rheingau's top winemaker Christian Ress. When he started on the island, there was quickly talk of a marketing ploy, but Ress was serious and stayed. He now makes only sparkling wine from Sylt grapes. His 2019 "Söl'ring Solaris Extra Brut" received a remarkable 90 out of a possible 100 points from the gourmet magazine "Falstaff." Pretty good for a PR trick."

Source: Spiegel

Author: Thomas Schmoll

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