Latest Gault & Millau Ratings

  • 2020 Assmannshausen Pinot Noir           3 red grapes                 
    • Wine Description: Classic Pinot attack. Black tea notes, ripe cherry fruit. Silky texture on the palate with good bite.
  • 2020 RESSpekt Riesling                          4 black grapes
    • Wine description: In the first nose wild and spicy, salty and taut. With air it opens into citrus, with a very incisive, almost biting acidity. This wine must be opened, it opens more at third sight and needs time in the glass and in the decanter.
  • 2020 Von unserm Pinot Noir                    3 black grapes
    • Wine Description: Opens with fresh almonds and bright red cherries. Very juicy. Independent, easy to drink, nice tart and with powerful acidity.
  • 2021 Hattenheim Nussbrunnen Riesling GG        4 black grapes
    • Wine Description: Very juicy style with notes of hazelnut, marzipan and nectarine. Creamy in texture, densely woven and animatingly salty. Develops very nicely in the glass and lingers with great length in the finish.
  • 2021 Hattenheim Wisselbrunnen Riesling GG     4 black grapes
    • Wine Description: Opens with lime zest and passion fruit. Noticeably quieter on the palate, with chalky, stony notes and fine length and grippy acidity.
  • 2021 Reserve Riesling                      3 rred grapes
    • Wine Description: Juicy, warm and sunny with powerful peach fruit and good presence on the palate. Crispy, spicy and very vital.
  • 2021 Rüdesheim Berg Rottland Riesling GG         4 black grapes
    • Wine description: Mint and lemon balm on the first nose. Then also notes of brittle, walnut and peach. Discreet, bright and very tightly woven. With a delicate touch of sweetness on the finish.
  • 2022 Hallgartener Hendelberg Riesling 1. Lage   3 red grapes
    • Wine Description: Powerful smoky notes at the beginning, then waxy and with notes of bergamot and ripe apricot. Invigorating but delicate acidity, slight salinity on the finish.
  • 2022 Hattenheimer Schützenhaus Riesling Kabinett 1. Lage halbtrocken                3 black grapes
    • Wine description: Very warm style with citrus note, passion fruit and green apple. Attractive, juicy, lively.
  • 2022 Rüdesheim Riesling                             3 red grapes
    • Wine description: Aroma like Wachau apricot. Ripe fruit with very clear center. Dense, long and delicately creamy. Wine at rest in itself.