The Gin of a Lifetime: Captain Cork reported on our Balthasar's Eleven London Dry Gin

In its regular newsletter, Captain Cork - an information platform all about wine - published the result of its tasting of our Balthasar's Eleven London Dry Gin.

On this, he wrote in his latest issue entitled "The Gin of Life":

"The touchingly elegant and finely spiced Balthasar’s Eleven London Dry Gin Batch No3 from Balthasar Ress is a great gin. It simply has to be said."


"This is classy stuff that really surprises."

Tasting note: "I am thrilled! This enjoyable gin consists of 11 so-called botanicals: juniper, orange, rosemary, ribwort (from Mainz), oregano (from Mainz), Riesling blossom (from our own vineyards), elderflower (from Wiesbaden), pimpernell (from Mainz), bitter orange peel, lemon myrtle leaves and Riesling yeast spirit. Extra-soft drinking water from great depths near the North Sea was used for production. In the glass translucent white with delicate yellow mist. On the nose, spicy alpine juniper, the scent of which is familiar from hiking in the mountains above the tree line, where conifers do not dominate the smell. Then ginger and earthy to anise, fennel and a bit medicinal. In the mouth lemon balm, cumin powder, turmeric, dry oatmeal. Further back candied orange peel and citrus zest, a sensory wonderful experience. The massive alcohol (47% by volume) is superbly integrated and creates the feeling of high intensity without any burn. This is a very precisely knit liquor that can be sipped solo or mixed into a fine gin and tonic. For its high quality, this high-proof drink is anything but expensive."


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