Buddelpost Sylt about our successful grapevine tenant harvest on the island

In the article "A record year for Sylt sparkling wine," published online by Buddelpost Sylt on September 27, 2021, author Oliver Sippel reports on our harvest on the North Sea island.

"Twelve years have passed since Christian Ress and his team at the Balthasar Ress Winery established their small Sylt vineyard overlooking the Keitum church. That the Solaris grapes have acclimated well to their new home during this time and have already developed deep roots was shown by the record harvest that was harvested last Saturday at the "Sylt Vineyard."(...)

"Equipped with shears, the approximately 100 Sylt harvesters swarmed into the vineyard and in the end extracted more than twice as many grapes from the approximately 0.3 hectare cultivation area than expected (...)."

"Anyone who still believed until then that Sylt could not produce a good sparkling wine was proven wrong: With its berry fruit, fine perlage and aromas of gooseberry, green bell pepper and carambola, the bubbling happiness in the glass convinced not only the wine connoisseurs of Falstaff magazine, who awarded the Söl'ring sparkling wine a full 90 points, but also all the vineyard workers present that day - not least in terms of drinking flow."

You can read the full article at Buddelpost Sylt

Source: Buddelpost Sylt


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