There is a new hero in the world of fine wines: PETMAN - the Riesling superhero!

There is a new hero in the world of fine wines - PETMAN, the Riesling superhero!

Just as Batman stands for justice and courage, PETMAN embodies sophistication, boldness and a unique character that sets him apart from all others.

It is painstakingly handcrafted with dedication and passion and is based on the legendary story of Batman. Just as Gotham City needed a protector, the world of wine was looking for a Riesling superhero and PETMAN answered the call.

"The Petman label gave me the opportunity to have fun creating a new character, a very casual superhero to accompany people on fun and light-hearted drinking occasions," - explains Gianluca Cannizzo, founder of Mypostersucks - a creative professional with expertise in art direction, graphic design and illustration and the brains behind our eye-catching PETMAN label.

Gianluca was born in Italy and currently lives and works in Turin. He discovered his love for poster design over thirty years ago and felt that his personality was best suited to this medium, which he sees as a blend of expression and communication.

His fondness for wine creates a playful, amusing and mischievous atmosphere and paints a light-hearted picture of the natural wine world. He helped set up Laboratorio Zanzara, a social cooperative that encourages the creativity of people with mental illness while promoting their work.

Embark on your next adventure with our PETMAN...

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