"Söl'ring" Solaris sparkling wine extra brut

The history of Sylt viticulture is still a fairly recent one: it was only in 2009 that Balthasar Ress, near the 55th parallel on Sylt, planted a vineyard in Keitum, Germany's northernmost wine-growing village.  

As the ideal grape variety for Sylt and the special climatic conditions prevailing there, the precocious and robust grape variety Solaris was chosen. In 2013, the first grape harvest finally took place in the far north: The birth of the Söl'ring wine has struck.

"It was an experiment that we initiated before my time at the winery, and it became a very special project not only because of the special climatic conditions on Sylt, but also because of the logistical challenges and the distance. Over time, we understood that the vineyards could perhaps show their full potential not with a wine, but rather with a sparkling wine," says Oliver Schmid, our farm manager. So in 2019, instead of Söl'ring wine, we decided to switch to a traditionally produced sparkling wine from the Solaris grape variety, which we will be proud to present to you in the fall of 2021.

Our Sylt "Söl'ring" Solaris Sekt extra brut is characterized by yeasty-spicy hints, a high juiciness and a touch of sweetness. The fine mousseux, coupled with an elegant yet lively acidity, complement the overall impression. It reflects the unmistakable character of the North. Thus, this exceptional sparkling wine also received the excellent rating of 90 points from falstaff .

If your interest has been piqued, you can order our "Söl'ring" Solaris Sekt extra brut simply and easily in our Balthasar Ress Onlineshop and enjoy it at home.

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