Relief action in Dernau on the river Ahr

Relief action in Dernau on the river Ahr

As you have surely noticed through the media, the rising waters of the river Ahr engulfed several villages on July 13. The Meyer-Näkel winery in Dernau, which was almost completely swept away, was hit particularly hard.

We were all very touched by the fate of the affected people and so we drove to the Ahr on Sunday, July 18, to help. Our group, consisting of our plant manager Oliver Schmid, our warehouse manager Michael Prinz, our estate craftsman Achim Sebo, our former apprentice Julia Schönberger and Christian Ress, lent a hand and helped to remove the mud from residential and business premises. Hundreds of bottles from Meyer-Näkel's treasure trove were also successfully salvaged - a small consolation. Since then, other employees, Marius Baumeister, Julia Wolf, Antoine Wetzler, have traveled to the affected area and provided assistance as well. Our house electrician helped with the repair of discarded pumps, which were handed in to us for this purpose and which we were able to bring to the Ahr in the meantime.  

We are totally thrilled with how much the wine community is sticking together in these times. We have met many colleagues at the Ahr who have also shown great commitment: Family Muth from Weingut Rappenhof, Desiree Eser from Weingut Eser, Johannes Hasselbach from Weingut Gunderloch, Theresa Breuer from Weingut Georg Breuer and many more!

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