Our wild bees - small but mighty...

Our wild bees - small but mighty!

Organic viticulture is based on the foundation of producing wine as close to nature and environmentally friendly as possible. Especially the promotion of beneficial insects plays an important role.

Bees are among the most important farm animals on our planet. They not only produce delicious honey, but also keep our entire ecosystem in tact. By flying from flower to flower, they pollinate various plants and spread their pollen so that they can reproduce. So you can see: the little insects are quite industrious!

The fact that insects feel at home in the Ress vineyards is evident from a very special guest: a few years ago, wild bees took up residence in our vineyards. At Balthasar Ress, we provide our bees with a colorful habitat by sowing countless herbs, flowers and grasses every year, all of which bloom at different times. This not only looks beautiful, but is also a paradise for wild bees and other beneficial insects.

In the meantime, the bee colony has grown so large that it was safely brought to our farm by a beekeeper, where it continues to grow and thrive and diligently produce honey to this day.

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