Harvest Report Rheingau 2023

The 2023 wine year began in the Rheingau with cooler temperatures and about a 4-week delay in the flowering process compared to the last 5 years. The rainy and cool early summer maintained this trend. It wasn't until mid-August that stable sunny, warm and dry weather set in across Germany, giving us a wonderful late summer and early fall through 10/12/2023.

On 15.09.2023 we started the harvest of our sparkling base wines and light kabis. From 09/26, our Rieslings for estate wines and local wine qualities were ripe. Our top Rieslings were also all harvested this year in the best weather and with longer maceration times to maximize the aromas.

All in all, it was a dream vintage for the Rheingau, provided one had the patience to wait for the grapes to ripen optimally!

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