Christian Ress hands over donation for the support of young musicians

Financial support for young artists in times of pandemic - Markus Treier, chairman of the "Zukunft Klassik e. V." association, receives Rheingau Held donation.

Together with the Rheingau Music Festival initiative, the Balthasar Ress Winery launched a wine that would not only bring joy to vinophile taste buds, but would also serve a good cause. With every bottle of "RHEINGAU HELD" Riesling dry sold, €1 (net) of the sales price was donated to the "Zukunft Klassik e. V." association initiated by Count Marsilius von Ingelheim to support young up-and-coming artists. The sale of larger "RHEINGAU HELD" formats of 3, 6, 12 or even 26 liters capacity made correspondingly higher donation contributions of up to € 500.00 (net) in favor of the young talents.

"Here, the wine is not to be understood as a hero, but rather the wine drinker who chooses this wine. With his contribution, he becomes the hero of culture in the Rheingau!", Christian Ress explains the catchy name written in large letters on the label.

Today, in the presence of Count Marsilius von Ingelheim, Managing Director of the Rheingau Music Festival, Christian Ress symbolically presented Markus Treier, Chairman of the "Zukunft Klassik e. V." association, with the donation check for 4,597.00 euros. The money is to benefit young up-and-coming artists of the Rheingau music scene. Count Marsilius von Ingelheim explains: "The Rheingau Music Festival has been supporting young talents of the music scene for many years. Especially at the present time, it is particularly important for young artists to be given opportunities to perform in order to be able to further develop their own careers. This is exactly where we come in with our support programs and prepare the stages for the stars of tomorrow to present their own art. Help that goes directly to where it is needed."

The close relationship between the Rheingau Music Festival and the Balthasar Ress Winery can be traced back to the friendship that has existed for decades between festival founder Michael Herrmann and Stefan Ress, co-owner of the Balthasar Ress Winery. The managing director of the Rheingau Music Festival, Count Marsilius von Ingelheim, and Christian Ress, managing director and co-owner of the Balthasar Ress Winery, are determined to continue cultivating this connection. With the 2020 "RHEINGAU HELD" Riesling trocken already completely sold out, there will be the following vintage next year to raise further funds for the "Zukunft Klassik e. V." association. To do so, simply visit the website: www.rheingau-held.de.

The symbolic check was handed over at the Balthasar Ress Gutshaus in Hattenheim


In the picture from left to right: Christian Ress, Markus Treier and Marsilius Graf von Ingelheim. The image may be used free of charge and without rights in the context of reporting.


About the Rheingau Music Festival

The Rheingau Music Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and hosts over 170 concerts each year throughout the region from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden to the Middle Rhine Valley. Unique cultural monuments such as Eberbach Monastery, Johannisberg Palace, Vollrads Palace or the Kurhaus Wiesbaden as well as picturesque wineries are transformed every summer into concert stages for stars of the international classical music scene and interesting up-and-coming artists from classical music and jazz to cabaret and world music. In over 30 years, the Rheingau and its festival have become a center of attraction for music enthusiasts from all over the world in a unique interplay of culture and nature, music, enjoyment and joie de vivre.


About the association Zukunft Klassik e.V.

Culture and music are supporting elements of our society, which have been severely affected in the past months and now years of the pandemic. Young up-and-coming artists in particular have been at a particular disadvantage. In the time of the pandemic, musicians were occasionally supported financially, but often they were not given any further perspective. Especially those who are at the beginning of their career must now be offered more opportunities to make music in front of an audience, otherwise we risk the future of classical music.

Against this background, it was a particular concern to found the non-profit association Zukunft Klassik e.V.. This association specifically works to ensure that there are once again regular performance opportunities for young talents. It supports concert organizers from the field of classical music in the realization of such projects and can cover any deficits that may arise, thus securing the performances financially. We see this commitment less as a subsidy for the present and more as an investment in the future. In the future, Zukunft Klassik will expand its commitment to include artists from developing countries as well as non-profit ensembles.

Since "Zukunft Klassik e. V." operates as a non-profit association in partnership with the internationally renowned Rheingau Music Festival, the association thus has the opportunity to promote young artists' concerts at the festival, which would otherwise not be economically viable or profitable and thus ultimately would not take place. Through the support of Zukunft Klassik e.V., the future of young classical musicians can now be secured.

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